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Pastor Hopes 'The Song' Movie Points to God's Word as a 'Compass for Relationship'

Pastor Hopes 'The Song' Movie Points to God's Word as a 'Compass for Relationship'

The Song hits theaters Sept. 26, 2014. | (Photo:

Pastor Kyle Idleman is urging moviegoers to see "The Song," claiming the new film will strengthen marriages and help to build families.

Based on the Song of Solomon as well as Ecclesiastes, "The Song" follows Jed King, a musician whose career leads to a world of temptation and darkness that threatens his marriage. Idleman, who is a pastor at Southeast Christian Church in Louisville, Kentucky, served as a producer of the film. While speaking to The Christian Post this week, Idleman pointed out the powerful message offered in "The Song."

"The film celebrates love and romance and is honest about challenges and struggles of marriage," Idleman said. "It calls to a commitment that stands the test of time."

Inspired by the life and writings of Solomon, the film offers Biblical insight to marriage, something Idleman has found is in high demand.

"As a pastor who has taught through the Song of Solomon at a few college campuses, I was just struck by [the] relevance of the book and how people really wanted to hear more about God's Word about their love lives," Idleman explained to CP. "Solomon is beautiful because it's poetic literature, but people don't know what to do with it. The same is true of Ecclesiastes; it is relevant, there is a search for meaning and purpose, and it speaks culturally, but people need a condensed message. 'The Song' was sort of based on the desire to see that story and wisdom behind that literature portrayed on film."

Furthermore, in a time where divorce is commonplace, "The Song" takes a hard look at marriage as it follows Jed and his wife Rose, who struggle with adultery and forgiveness. The couple's story also has several other relatable aspects, including arguments that married couples frequently endure.

"I think that is the path of most marriages, there is lots of joy and celebration, but then there's disappointment and disillusionment, and the question of lasting commitment," the producer said. "The film accurately and authentically portrays those challenges. The fights and arguments are relatable, and the feedback has been [that] it seems very true to life. I think by addressing those things honestly, we will encourage and challenge people. Our prayer is that it awakens love in marriages and leads to a conversation. The film is a tool, not a solution. It begins with the understanding of the main character that says only God is the One who will ultimately satisfy us. The film stresses the importance of a spiritual foundation. I hope it opens up conversations and points to God's Word as a compass for the relationship."

Idleman is not the only figure promoting "The Song" for its family-friendly entertainment value. "Duck Dynasty" stars including Willie and Korie Robertson also endorsed the film as being the "perfect date night movie" during the premiere last week. "The Song" is in theaters everywhere now. Watch a trailer for the film here.


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