Pastor John Gray Calls Out Gospel Artists Who Lack Humility

(PHOTO: FACEBOOK/LAKEWOOD CHURCH)Pastor John Gray of addresses the congregation at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Pastor John Gray is calling out people in the gospel community whom he says lack humility.

Gray, the associate pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, and his wife, Aventer, were on hand for gospel singer Tasha Cobbs Leonard's album release celebration in Atlanta, Georgia, for her latest project, Heart. Passion. Pursuit. While speaking highly of Cobbs Leonard as a singer and woman of God, the pastor, who stars on the OWN reality series "The Book of John Gray," spoke out against some high profile Christian entertainers who might deem themselves to be more important than they should.

In an interview with Jubilee Mag, Gray said some people need to follow Cobbs Leonard's example of humility.

"I think all of us in the gospel community could get a lesson in remaining humble and being grateful because these platforms are not ours. They're given by God to glorify Him," Gray said. "We don't need no gospel stars. Stop wearing sunglasses at night, you know what I'm saying?"

He went on to give other examples of how people are not reflecting humility.

"Stop not speaking to people. You ain't that amazing," Gray said. "Jesus touched lepers, spoke to prostitutes, talked to Syrophoenician women, talked to Samaritan women. We need gospel artists who will touch the people and be loving and humble."

He went on to add, "preach or sing, do what you're supposed to do, treat your family right, go home."

When asked what he and his wife thought about Cobbs Leonard's collaborating with mainstream rapper Nicki Minaj for the song "I'm Getting Ready," the pair spoke out against any backlash that the song may receive.

"Tasha let us hear that song and I was in tears because I think people in this day feel like we're only supposed to commune within the walls of the church. But the true ministry is outside the walls of the church," Aventer told Jubilee. "What Nicki does for a living is what she does. But she absolutely knows [God], she loves Him and she connected to Tasha because she could see that Tasha is real. A lot of times the people in the secular world, if you will, don't connect with us who call ourselves Christians because we think we're above everyone else.

"I go back to a few years when Kanye West did 'Jesus Walks' and he was nominated for a Stellar [Award.] People were offended," he recalled. "I'm like, you're offended? But we've got gospel artists who are sleeping with everything moving, but you can still sing, right?"

Gray pointed out that some people might not realize that salvation and sanctification are two different processes.

"Conservative people get offended because salvation is the moment you confess it with your mouth. Your salvation don't have nothing to do with your process of becoming more like Christ," he said. "That's the job of the Holy Ghost. And it might be your whole life like the thief on the cross."

Gray and his wife are planning to reach outside of the church walls in the second season of their OWN docu-dramedy. Earlier this month, they invited some of their followers to join them in improving their lives by being on the show.

"Do you have a story that's compelling? Would you like for my wife and I to try and walk with you through something specific," the pastor asked in an Instagram message. "We want to help if we can. The Lord Jesus had blessed us to share our hearts with people around the world, but now we want to come to you!"