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Pastor Wants Revival Service for 'Side Chicks,' Says 'Pray for Women Who Have No Value'

Pastor Wants Revival Service for 'Side Chicks,' Says 'Pray for Women Who Have No Value'

Pastor Tanya Baker of the Incredible Church in Dallas, Texas. | (Photo: Facebook)

In a crusade against women who sleep with men in committed relationships, known in popular culture as "side chicks," a pastor in Dallas, Texas, has called for a revival service to "pray for these women that have no value."

Pastor Tanya Baker who leads The Incredible Church with her husband, Bishop Bobby Baker, launched a formal campaign against the "growing epidemic" of side chicks at after a rant she made against the community on Instagram went viral.

"Somebody pray for these women that have no value. Really, really, I just want to have a side chick revival. Like are you with me? I want to have a side chick revival to pray for all the side chicks out there that think they have to sleep with somebody's ..." she said before trailing off in the video clip.

At, it's explained that Baker has suffered from the actions of side chicks in previous relationships and she now wants to fight back to save godly unions.

"Having had a side chick issue in her first marriage, and seeing all the pain it causes in the households of women and men who cheat, Pastor Tanya Baker felt led to openly talk about this growing epidemic. We can no longer avoid, celebrate and promote this behavior," the website says. "Marriages and families are being destroyed!"

Baker is now pushing her message through conferences and promotional products and is working on other activities to fight the side chick culture. Last month, she hosted a conference that featured rapper DMX's ex-wife, Tashera Simmons.

"Pastor Tanya Baker, seeks to tear down the enemy's kingdom by letting the world know that this behavior is unacceptable. If we as women join together and stand in the gap for other women affected by this, we can make change. Let the Revolution begin!" the campaign declares.

In an interview with Central Track, baker added: "We need to stop glorifying this thing and speak that this isn't OK. I think social media and ignorance has made this thing cute — and it's not. And that's what's caused me to push this through."

Challenged on her initial post on Instagram about why she appeared to be campaigning only against the other woman who sometimes doesn't know that she is a side chick.

"No one is excluding their behinds," Baker, who has been married to her current husband for 17 years, shot back.

"I'm just an advocate of women loving themselves. ... After a while when the women finds out about the wife, then what? We as women must raise our standards to God's standards so that the Holy Ghost can lead us into right decisions. God will always reveal if a man is no good when we are in relationship with Him. At the end of the day, if people would love themselves more they wouldn't accept the wrong stuff. That 'I don't know' only goes so far," she added. "After a while, people know. I am so glad I survived my side chick situation in my first marriage and that I have an amazing husband now."

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