Pat Houston Clears Up Bobbi Kristina Engagement and Substance Abuse Rumors

Pat Houston, manager of the late Whitney Houston and aunt to her daughter Bobbi Kristina Brown, recently opened up about rumors of her niece's alleged substance abuse along with her engagement to family friend Nick Gordon.

Houston, the wife of the late singer's brother Gary Houston, appeared on the SiriusXM! radio show "Sway in the Morning," where she dished about Bobbi Kristina while clearing up some misconceptions that have been surfacing in the media.

Houston admitted that Bobbi Kristina was indeed engaged to her boyfriend Gordon at one time, but seemed a bit vague when speaking about the current status of that engagement.

"At first she was a few months ago, during the first episode. She was then," Houston told the show's host Sway Calloway. "It's a journey now. Let's just say there are different developments going on right now."

Despite several media reports and being vocal about her niece's relationship on their new reality television show, Houston said she is not putting all of her energy into Bobbi Kristina's relationship.

"I don't put as much energy into it as everybody else does. I know what the deal is so I don't put a lot of energy into certain situations as it relates to Nick and Krissy because they are very young," she said on the radio show. "If her mother were alive I would still voice my opinion. What matters to me is Bobbi Kristina and I'm standing for her mom and I know how momma bear was as it relates to Krissy and I have to continue that."

Calloway also asked Houston about issues with her niece's substance abuse. While Bobbi Kristina's aunt admitted that she may have issues with alcohol, she did not believe that her niece was a victim of substance abuse.

"She has had issues as it relates to alcohol that were here even before her mother passed. She's gone through a great deal, but she's growing up," Houston said. "She understands what that could do to her. But myself and the family have to understand what she's going through."

According to Houston, her family was taking certain measures to ensure that Bobbi Kristina is staying on the right path.

"[...] We have to be patient with her and continue to mentor her and try to lead and guide her in the right direction so she won't end up being an alcoholic or won't end up using substance abuse," Houston said. "Just like any other parent we have to stay in the game and keep up with that."