Pat Robertson Tells Viewers to Keep Quiet About 'Sexual Encounters' With Transsexuals

Televangelist and host of the 700 Club Pat Robertson has advised viewers of his program to keep quiet over any sexual relations they might have had with transsexuals.

Robertson explained his advice on a Monday edition of "The 700 Club" in response to a question fielded by an anonymous writer regarding his former relationship with a transsexual as part of the "Bring it on" segment.

"Before I met my wife, I fell in love with a beautiful woman and had a relationship for six months. We broke up after she told me she was transsexual," queried the individual identified as "Brandon."

"I later moved to a different town and restarted my life. I kept this secret from my family, but now I feel guilty that there are parts of my life that I keep hidden from my wife. What should I do?"

Robertson responded to the writer that "what you should do is keep your mouth shut," adding that some things are best left hidden.

"That's real simple. You know, all of us did stuff before we were married, but you don't parade out all your girlfriends or your boyfriends or your sexual encounters or whatever you did. You just don't do it," said Robertson.

"That's under the blood. You've come to Jesus. He has forgiven you. That's the old life, now you've turned the page."

This is not the first time that Robertson has commented on matters pertaining to those who do not identify with traditional gender roles.

Last July, Robertson stated on "The 700 Club" program that he did not believe there was anything inherently sinful about transgenderism.

"I think there are men who are in a woman's body. …It's very rare. But it's true – or women that are in men's bodies – and that they want a sex change," said Robertson last year.

"That is a very permanent thing, believe me, when you have certain body parts amputated and when you shot up with various kinds of hormones. It's a radical procedure. I don't think there's any sin associated with that. I don't condemn somebody for doing that."