Pat Tillman Cleats on Sale for $3.2 Million

There is a pair of used game cleats belonging to the late Pat Tillman that are up for bid on eBay and the owner is asking for over $3 million for the cleats.

Jerry Martin, 51, who resides in Arizona, states that he bought the shoes at a charity auction in 2001, and will no part from the cleats for anything less that $3.2 million.

It might seem a bit odd to sell something that was worn by an American service member who gave his life for our country, but these days nothing is too far off track.

"Out of respect for the Tillman family, I didn't even put the shoes up for auction for years," Martin told Fox Sports. Martin explains that he had the shoes for many years and was hoping that someone would want to have the football cleats.

While searching for a large payday Martin states that he hopes someone will appreciate the cleats. "Now I'm hoping that someone will enjoy these and cherish them as much as I do."

But even if the seller wants to share the memorabilia with someone else it seems that some think that is not an honorable thing to do.

One user that came across the listing wrote: "You should be ashamed of yourself, the fact that you are trying to profit from his story and that you think people would actually pay that makes you an idiot, and a complete (expletive)."

Tillman graduated from Leland High School in San Jose before playing with the Cardinals.

He expressed his love of his country by forgoing a $3 million contract extension with the Arizona Cardinals and became an Army Ranger following the Sept. 11 attacks.

The highest offer so far was $7,000, well below the asking price. Martin said he would not sell for anything under seven figures.

Tillman was killed by friendly fire in Afghanistan in 2004.