Patti LaBelle's Lawsuit Costs Singer $100,000 (VIDEO)

Patti LaBelle's latest tirade will reportedly cost her $100,000. The singer was in a verbal argument with a tenant in the same building she lives, when it turned physical. Now, LaBelle has settled the suit at a very high price tag.

Roseanna Monk, her husband and 18-month-old daughter Genevieve were in the Trump-owned building's lobby when LaBelle entered. Genevieve was allegedly standing by herself in the doorway, which angered LaBelle, who then went on a tirade.

"One thing I remember her saying is, 'I hope you have a terrible life.' And I heard a lot of f-words," Monk said in the suit. Then LaBelle lashed out even more and threw water into Genevieve's face before trying to attack Roseanna.

"She was trying to come get me. Her people had to literally hold her back," Roseanna explained.

"I can't begin to describe the sheer— just terror and state that [Genevieve] was in," Kevin added.

LaBelle was then hurried into a waiting car by her guards and escorted from the building. LaBelle agreed to pay the family $100,000 in order to settle the case out of court, which would surely damage the singer's reputation.

The family has decided to use the money to help others and will be donating it to the Hope & Heroes Children's Cancer Fund.

"This is an opportunity for Patti LaBelle to help a lot of children, and I feel good about that," Roseanne told The New York Post.

Genevieve, however, still suffers from "personality changes, increased fear of strangers, and a sleep disorder," according to court documents. She is not the only victim of LaBelle's, though.

Just one year ago, LaBelle was sued for instructing her bodyguards to beat a West Point Cadet who she believed was "standing to close to her luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in," Cadet Richard King's lawyer told the court.

"LaBelle lowered the window of her limousine and gave a command to her bodyguards. They sprang into action," the lawyer continued. To make things worse, the entire attack was caught on film and went viral.

Watch the footage of King's beating HERE: