Pau Gasol, Blake Griffin Dunk Leaves Player on Floor (VIDEO)

While the Los Angeles Lakers may have won the game against the L.A. Clippers Wednesday night, that win didn't come for free. In an admiral effort, Pau Gasol definitely took one- or perhaps two- for the team.

Pau Gasol, power forward for the L.A. Lakers, made a hard attempt to stand his ground and keep his opponent, power forward Blake Griffin, from scoring. Since both players average about the same weight and measure nearly seven feet tall, it may have seemed like an even match up.

Even perhaps, if Griffin didn't already have numerous other "dunkee victims" under his belt, like Timofey Mozgov and Kendrick Perkins, both also measuring around seven feet. So what is his trick?

"You don't really see what happened," Gasol said. "It was quick, a hit-and-run kind of thing, right? The ball went in, I was on my ass, I woke up, I stood up and told the referee I had a f---ing forearm on my face, on my throat, and that's something that needs to be looked at. But it happened too quick. I didn't realize."

Blake Griffin's second dunk over Pau Gasol April 4, 2012

Griffin scored the first dunk near the beginning of the game, receiving the ball off of a rebound from a missed 3-pointer taken by teammate Randy Foye. Then, in the third quarter of the game, perhaps around the time that Gasol was finally figuring out what had happened, the second dunk came.

"It was crazy," Clippers guard Eric Bledsoe said. "The bench actually tried to compare it to the Perkins dunk. They said [the one on Gasol] was better. We'll see, though. That was another YouTube highlight. ... It can definitely [throw a player off], especially when you know you're gonna be all over 'SportsCenter' tomorrow."

An astute prediction on Bledsoe's part, because in fact people couldn't seem to get enough of watching Gasol fall all over the floor. However with or without the dunks, the Clippers still lost the game 113-108.