Paula Broadwell's License Found in Rock Creek Park: Alleged Death Threat?

Paula Broadwell's lost driver's license was found in Rock Creek Park, the same park in which another woman's dead body was found after it was discovered that she was having an affair with a U.S. congressman.

There has been no shortage of conspiracy theories following the resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus, who announced that he had partaken in an affair with Broadwell, which allegedly began in 2011.

A jogger recently discovered the license and turned it in to Maryland Park police, according to ABC News, although the license was reportedly originally found in Rock Creek Park which is located in Washington D.C. Rock Creek Park is also the location where Chandra Levy's body was found in 2002. Levy went missing in 2001; the investigation led to allegations that she was having an affair with then-U.S. Representative, Gary Condit. While he was never charged, the intense media coverage of the case cost him a re-election.

Reports that Broadwell's license was found in the same spot have raised suspicion from some, who suggest that the license placement was intended to be a warning to Broadwell regarding her affair. She ended the affair with Petraeus four months ago after the couple allegedly came to a mutual agreement.

"Well, do you think someone is sending a message....that's where they found that young woman's body a few years back....the one in an affair with the congressman," Dale O'Kelly wrote on the US News blog.

"Chandra Levy was her name. First thing that came to my mind too," a second user added.

The case also brought up a second conspiracy theory involving Mary Pinchot Meyer, who was killed while taking a walk near the Georgetown canal towpath.

Meyer, who had previously been married to Central Intelligence Agency official Cord Meyer, was allegedly having an affair with president John F. Kennedy. A number of books, including one written by author Peter Janney, accused the CIA of committing the crime. Meyer was known to take frequent walks in the secluded, outside area. No one was ever convicted of the crime; the only suspect was acquitted because no gun was ever found.

In the past, Broadwell has stated that she went running in Rock Creek Park at times with General Petraeus.