Paula Deen Cancels Appearance At NYC Festival

Controversial celebrity chef Paula Deen canceled yet another appearance this week following her admission to using racial slurs in various past contexts.

Sponsored by the Food Network and the magazine Food & Wine, the sixth annual Wine & Food festival will take place throughout NYC from Oct. 17 to the 20th.

The Southern food expert was slated to appear at the New York City Food & Wine festival this year.

However, Deen was dropped from the Food Network as well as a slew of other sponsors following allegations of past racism, and the Food & Wine festival will be happening without her, according to

Furthermore, an update appeared on the event's website that read, "Paula Deen has informed us that she will not be appearing at this year's Food Network New York City Wine & Food Festival, which she has tirelessly supported year in and year out. While we are disappointed, we understand and support her decision."

Pulling out of the festival is not the only major decision Deen has been forced to make lately. The celebrity chef recently fired her longtime agent and also replaced her legal team.

Meanwhile, Deen's trouble began when she revealed having used the "N-word" long ago during a lawsuit deposition. Former employee Lisa Jackson filed the lawsuit and which alleges discrimination and racism at two of Deen's restaurants.

Subsequently, Deen's television show "Paula's Home Cooking" was not renewed for contract at the Food Network.

Additionally, the controversial 66-year-old chef was dropped from sponsors including Smithfield Foods, Sears, and many others.

Following the outraged reactions, Deen released an apology "to those that I have hurt" in an online video where she insisted that she and her family do not tolerate prejudice.

Despite the scandal, many of Deen's fans have banded together in support of the chef with the "butter campaign" which entails a Facebook group called "We Support Paula Deen" and has over 601,000 Likes.

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