Paulina Gretzky and Instagram Photo Debate: Shocking or Typical? (PICS)

Paulina Gretzky has posted pictures of herself on Instagram that have caused a stir on the Internet, with some sites calling the photos "dirty" and placing a "Warning" disclosure on the snap shots.

Paulina Gretzky is the daughter of famed NHL player Wayne Gretzky, who has been named by some as "the greatest hockey player ever." Gretzky finished his career as a centre for the New York Rangers before retiring in 1999. While his name still remains relatively famous in the hockey world, his 23-year-old daughter is also becoming a bit of a household name as well.

Paulina appears to be in the habit of posting racy pictures of herself on Twitter. The first series of pictures that were posted by the younger Gretzky appeared on Twitter last fall. A not so thrilled Wayne Gretzky then got on Twitter himself and had a bit of a rant over how inappropriate the pictures were. Following the incident it appeared that Paulina had taken a Twitter hiatus, at dad's request.

However, Instagram of course isn't Twitter, and it appears that the social networking site was free game for the seemingly rich 23-year-old to post yet another series of not so appropriate pictures. Just how inappropriate the pictures are however, seemed to be up for debate among varying media sites.

*Warning – Graphic images may be disturbing to some viewers," the Vancouver Sun write, adding a disclaimer to the photos before proving a link to them on their website. The site described the photos as "dirty", "shocking," and "X-rated."

However, the Huffington Post questioned the harsh critique. "Much ado about nothing?" the site questioned.

Other sites have suggested that Gretzky was just a very wealthy 20 something year old that looked like she was having a typically good time.