Pavel Durov's Paper Planes Made of Money Cause Near Riot (VIDEO)

Pavel Durov, a multimillionaire in Russia, caused quite a stir for acting like he was the "rain man" after he poured money down from his window in the center of St. Petersburg.

Durov, 27, is known for his antics but given the hard times many Russians are facing, throwing money folded as paper planes from his office window in St. Petersburg to the gathering crowds below, perhaps did not come off as the charitable act that he might have been attempting.

Local media reports from Russia explained that the notes that were descending upon the crowd were 5,000-ruble-notes which are worth about $160 USD.

Video footage shows Durov with other members of his company smiling and laughing as they throw the money planes from the windows.

"The colleagues took great joy watching the crowd's reaction," according to reports from Russia Today, a local news organization.

The good times unfortunately ended when the plane made its final landing. Several witness told stories of fights breaking out and other despicable behavior once more people realized what was happening.

"People turned into dogs, as they were literally attacking the notes. They broke each other's noses, climbed the traffic lights with their prey -- just like monkeys. Shame on Durov!" one witness told Russia Today.

Soon after people began acting violent Durov stopped throwing money out the window and took to Twitter to explain that he was trying to create a joyous atmosphere in honor of the St. Petersburg holiday, City Day.

"We had to stop soon, though, as people turned into animals. Definitely, more such actions are to follow," Durov posted.

Durov created a social media network very similar to Facebook that is called, VKontakte which means "in contact," and is estimated to be worth $260 million. He has also been commonly referred to as the Mark Zuckerberg of Russia.