Pawn Stars Fined $1,000 Each for Trashing Campsite

The cast of "Pawn Stars" was recently hit with $1,000 fines after trashing a campsite where they were sleeping over Thanksgiving break.

While staying at a campsite in Glamis, Calif. in November, Rick and Corey Harrison allegedly made a mess of their campsite, according to reports. The site was shared with other friends who were supposed to clean before they left, but apparently did not.

"A ton of trash" was left behind at the campsite, police told TMZ. The men allegedly left behind a barbeque grill and enough trash to fill 10 garbage bags.

Police were aware that the reality stars were staying at the camping ground due to a "previous encounter," the site added.

In the state of California, littering is considered a misdemeanor crime. While the report did not reveal how many people were at the camp, it did say that each person in the group was fined $1,000.

Corey Harrison, however, alleged that he and his father had left the campsite earlier than the rest of the group and assumed that others would clean the mess before they left. As a result, both he and his father escaped being fined.

"We left the campground before our buddies did and they were to clean it up and apparently didn't follow through. My father nor I were cited," Harrison told TMZ.

The reality stars were also caught up in a lawsuit earlier this year after their ex-manager accused them of hanging him out to dry.

Wayne Jefferies claimed that he was responsible for discovering the trio in 2007. He filed suit against A&E and the History Chanel for interfering with his managing contracts after the Harrisons and Old Man Chumleee agreed to drop Jeffries at the behest of the network. He also filed suit against the reality stars.