Peanut Butter Recall by Trader Joe's as Salmonella Outbreak Hits 18 States

A peanut butter recall has been ordered by Trader Joe's on Sept. 24, 2012. The recall affects three varieties of peanut butter and nut butter, and comes following a salmonella outbreak across 18 states.

The recall affects the following three varieties sold by Trader Joe's: Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter, Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds, and Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds.

The 16 oz. jars of peanut butter are the ones affected and if you have bought any of those varieties from Trader Joe's you should check the following product codes to see if you are affected:

Creamy Salted Valencia Peanut Butter - 16 oz. jar (SKU 97111)
Valencia Peanut Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds - 16 oz. jar (SKU 98927)
Almond Butter with Roasted Flaxseeds - 16 oz. jar (SKU 94079)

The recall also affects the following nut butter labels: Archer's, Earth Balance, Fresh & Easy, Heinen's, Natural Value, Naturally More, Open Nature, Serious Food, Silly Prices, Sprout's and Sprouts Farmers Market.

It has been reported by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that 29 people have been confirmed of contracting Salmonella Bredeney PFGE in 18 states. The following states have so far been affected: Washington, California, Arizona, Texas, Louisiana, Missouri, Illinois, Minnesota, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island, North Carolina, Virginia, Connecticut, New Jersey and Maryland.

Although no deaths have been reported a number of those taken ill by the salmonella outbreak have been hospitalized.

The products affected also have their best buy dates as between May 1, 2013 and Sept. 24, 2013.

Most people affected by salmonella can recover after about a week without any antibiotics, however, if the symptoms are severe then the patient may need to be hospitalized. The elderly, infants, as well as those with lowered immune systems should seek treatment immediately as they are most at risk if not treated quickly.

Trader Joe's have provided the following number to contact their customer relations department if customers have any questions: (626) 559-3817.