Penelope Cruz the Next Bond Girl? 40-Year-Old Would Be Oldest One Ever

Penelope Cruz is slated to be the next Bond girl, and the Spanish actress would be the very oldest woman to hold the coveted title at age 40. Although she is currently 39, by the time the successor to "Skyfall" begins shooting, she will have passed her birthday.

Penelope Cruz' potential involvement in the 24th official James Bond movie opposite Daniel Craig was leaked Tuesday, and although the star has not yet commented on the report, some believe she is already in talks with producers.

"The producers have tried to get Penelope before, but she has never been available because of other commitments," an insider told Yahoo! News. "The discussions have been going on for some time and they are working out the contract details now."

Cruz is married to fellow Spanish actor Javier Bardem, who played the villain in "Skyfall." Because the currently pregnant actress would have had her baby by then, fitting into the lithe, seductive mold of a Bond girl could prove difficult, as she would have to drop her baby weight fairly quickly.

If Cruz takes the role, it could mean the franchise is adjusting to having an older leading man. Unlike Bond men of the past, Craig is 45 and slated to do two more Bond movies by contract. The next film could be delayed by director Sam Mendes' other commitments, but Cruz is apparently ready for anything he might throw at her.

"I like to take roles that stretch and excite me," the Oscar Award-winning actress said previously. "I do what I enjoy doing and want to continually grow as an actress. I like to do all sorts of work."

However, conflicting reports allege that Cruz has no intention of being the next Bond girl and beating out Honor Blackman, who was 39-year-old Bond girl in 1964 film "Goldfinger."

The casting rumors about Cruz are "not true," a source told E! News of the rumors.

The next James Bond film is expected to be out in late 2014 or 2015.