Perry, Brand Baby Cause of Couple's Split? 'I'm Still A Baby,' Said Katy (VIDEO)

While many suspected Russell Brand's wild ways as the cause for the split between him and Katy Perry, a new source has stated that the opposite may be so, adding that a baby was at the midst of their debates.

When news of Perry's divorce from Brand first broke, many reports ran about Brand being unfaithful and running off on a college tour without his wedding ring before the two had decided to split. Now, however, after the premiere of Perry's new movie "Katy Perry: A Part of Me" in addition to an outside source, it would appear that Perry was the one who was putting the brakes on the couple's relationship.

The source of the couple's woes may have been the fact that Brand, 37, was ready for children, while Perry, 27, maintained that she was too young. During the film, Brand drops hints about wanting to have children, but Perry is clear about her goals.

During one scene, Brand texts Perry a picture while at McDonald's and jokes with his then-wife that the two of them should name their kid "Ronald." Perry offered a less than interested response.

"A baby can't have a baby -- and I'm still a baby," she wrote back.

An insider also alleged that the couple's timeline for having children had played a significant role in their split.

"[Russell] feels there's no point in being married if you don't have kids," the source told Us Weekly, adding that the actor "is ready to move on" and presumably meet someone who is more interested in beginning a family now.

Ironically, in the star's latest video for "Wide Awake," she appears to find her inner child. The video depicts the star going from celebrity to crazy before she meets her younger self and the two battle a fantasy world and a fake prince charming.