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'Person of Interest' News, Update: Is CBS Wrapping Up the Series?

'Person of Interest' News, Update: Is CBS Wrapping Up the Series?

The cast of CBS' sci-fi series "Person of Interest" | FACEBOOK/ Person of Interest

The cast and executive producer of CBS' hit science-fiction TV drama series "Person of Interest" recently talked about the future of the show at Comic-Con 2015.

They discussed not it goes forward for Season 6 or will it finally wrap up in the upcoming 13-episode Season 5.

Executive producer Greg Plageman said that "for us, we feel we have a lot more stories to tell."

"We think the show can go on … but the way we have to approach it narratively is we have to write in such a manner that this finale could be the series finale as well," the executive producer explained to TV Line.

"We're grateful that we're back on for another season but we write every season finale as it could be a series finale. That's what we gonna do this year, too," he went on to say.

Member of the cast Michael Emerson chimed in to say that "it wouldn't be much different" at all.

"As what Greg said, every year we end the season on the note of conclusion or fulfillment that would also allow the possibility to keep on going indefinitely. So, I think good endings are always a little bit open-ended," the actor who plays Harold Finch said.

Lead star Jim Caviezel, on the other hand, declared that "I think this is gonna be our best season yet."

"By means of everything condensed down to 13 [episodes] as supposed to 23. It is the heart of the show. Every person, every actor is coming on the show. This will take television to a whole another level," the actor who plays John Reese said.

"The quality is gonna be great this year; at best, so far, I believe," Caviezel said.


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