Canceled 'Persona 5' 'Take Your Heart' Premium Edition Pre-Orders Clarified by Atlus

'Take Your Heart' Premium Edition of 'Persona 5' features different collectible items
Persona 5 official website'Persona 5' is set to be released in North America on April 4

There has been some confusion surrounding the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition of "Persona 5," as it seems as though some pre-orders were canceled. But recently, more clarity regarding this matter was provided by Atlus.

For those who may be unaware of what's going on, some pre-orders of the "Take Your Heart" Edition of the new role-playing game were apparently canceled by Amazon.

Speaking recently to Polygon, an Atlus representative shared that they were caught off guard by the cancellations. Since then, Atlus and Amazon have reportedly been working to address this cancellation issue and they are now attempting to fix the problems that have popped up.

The issue that led to some pre-orders being canceled apparently stemmed from there being something "dangerous" inside the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition, but the Atlus representative shared that this was not the case upon closer inspection.

The "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition of "Persona 5" contains several items, including a hardcover art book, a collector's box, a Morgana plush toy, a specially designed school bag, a soundtrack CD, and the base game that comes with a steelbook case.

It is unclear which item or items inside the "Take Your Heart" Premium Edition previously led to the cancellations.

This edition of the new RPG is available for $89.99.

There is also a not quite as expensive Steelbook Launch Edition of the new game that is available for interested fans to purchase, and as its name suggests, this one comes with a special steelbook as well. However, the additional item is available only while supplies last.

Fans who are planning to get the Steelbook Launch Edition of the RPG can purchase it for $59.99.

More news about "Persona 5" should be made available in the near future, and the game itself is set to finally be released in North America on April 4.