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Petra - It Is Finished

Petra - It Is Finished

After 33 years of rockin’ out for the gospel, Christian modern-rock pioneers Petra are finally calling it quits. “It Is Finished,” are the words you’ll find written across the homepage of, Petra’s largest fan-site on the internet.

“It’s time to call it quits,” founding member and guitarist Bob Hartman told after discussing the decision with lead singer John Schlitt. "We are very thankful for all the great years and especially last year, which gave us many memories we will cherish all our lives.”

Hartman cited an “uphill battle” with age and the changing musical preferences as the main reasons for making the decision.

"It has become increasingly harder to get concert bookings in the U.S.," Hartman said. "We don't play enough to support everyone. We have to seek other income as it is. We have been having great concerts outside the U.S. and those have been the highlights of the last couple of years. But you can only play those so often. Bottom line, we feel it's time to retire gracefully before we completely wear out our welcome."

Petra will be posting a press release this Thursday on their official website,, to confirm the decision.

Unfortunately for fans who were eagerly awaiting Petra’s next studio album, which had been a topic of discussion since last fall, the band’s split also means no record.

However, fans can still hope for a final live release from the band.

"It's just the timing right now," Paul Simmons, the group’s most recent drummer, told "We hope to do a live album. I would love to be a part of that!"

"I want to go to Europe and take another American rock band with us, like Pillar or Kutless, and then finish on a high note," said Wayne Seboa, Petra’s manager.

"It's the right way to end it,” Seboa continued. “Everyone gets along good. No arguments on the road. We'll all enjoy each other's company.”

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