Peyton Manning Surgery Is a Success, Long Road to Comeback Begins

Peyton Manning’s surgery has been a success, reports have stated.

The Indianapolis Colts quarterback has been out since requiring surgery on his neck back in September. The NFL veteran has a reputation for his good fitness, and had never been sidelined in his NFL career spanning back 14 years until this current episode.

However, Manning is now starting on the long path towards making a comeback, with surgeon Robert Watkins making the following statement: “Peyton will now be allowed to increase the intensity and breadth of his workouts as tolerated. There remains every indication that his recovery will continue.”

His injury problems occurred when Manning was forced to leave the field complaining of pain in his arm and lower back during one practice session.

The serious nature of the surgery needed had some commentators predicting that the injury could be career-threatening. However, the quarterback has been given a timely boost as the surgery seems to have been a complete success.

He has the full support of Dr. Neel Anand, an orthopedic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, who has confirmed that the surgery should not be career-threatening: “This is not a career-ending surgery or a condition. He should be fine to get back next season.”

There has still been no announcement about when Manning may be expected to return.