Pharmacist Alleges She Tumbled Out of Police Car Because She Was Being Sexually Assaulted; Loses All Her Teeth, Found Undressed From Waist Down

(Photo: Screen grab/KCAL-TV)Pharmacist Kim Nguyen, 27, gives her deposition (right) amid accusations that Los Angeles police officers raped her in a squad care on March 17, 2013.

A 27-year-old pharmacist who reportedly lost all her teeth after tumbling out of a moving LAPD squad car last year has alleged in a lawsuit that the incident happened because she was being sexually assaulted while she was in handcuffs by her arresting officer.

"He was grabbing my left inner thigh. Trying to, I'm assuming, opening my legs, touching my chest. Grabbing at it. Pulling my ear to face me toward him," said Kim Nguyen, the alleged victim in a deposition taped last December. In addition to losing all her teeth after the sexual attack, Nguyen had to spend two weeks in the hospital and had to have her jaw wired shut, according to a CBS report.

A lawsuit filed against the LAPD by Nguyen's attorney, Arnoldo Cassillas, alleges that the video of the incident shows the pharmacist bleeding on the ground with her dress removed from the waist down. It also claims that the officer's negligence during the sexual assault on March 17, 2013, caused Nguyen to fall from the police vehicle.


According to the report, the pharmacist was standing with two male friends in front of a downtown restaurant when she was arrested for public intoxication. The three friends were waiting for a cab and they had all been drinking but Nguyen was the only on arrested.

In a YouTube video of the incident viewers have also been voicing their outrage about what happened.

"What you see in the video is her on the street. ... That swelling of her face, the broken bra strap, and the pulled-down top of her dress were supposedly the result of a fall merely two minutes prior," explains the about section of the video, which names the arresting officers as David E. Shin and Jinseok Oh of Olympic Division.

"Wow, this is just absolutely sickening, no words can even begin to express the level of disgust there is for the LAPD and humanity," wrote commenter Brian Scott on the video.

YouTube/Koreatown LA

"Why is she not handcuffed??? [and] how did she fall out the car if the rear doors do not have any handles to open the back doors? The control is on the front seat next to the officers. …This smells like a rape that went really the worse way. I hope the Korean community will take a stand on this," added Albert Bejar.

The LAPD declined to provide comment to The Christian Post citing that the case is pending litigation.

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