Phil Robertson Ducks US Senate Run, Despite Poll Suggesting He'd Win

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(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/DrudgeReportFanatics)Alan Robertson shot down suggestions on Feb. 12, 2014, that his father, 'Duck Dynasty' patriarch, Phil Robertson, might run for Louisiana Senate.

Hopes that "Duck Dynasty" fans may have had in seeing the show head to Washington have been dashed after Alan Robertson said that his father Phil Robertson had no interest in running for Congress.

After a poll released earlier this week suggested that the Duck Commander founder could be a formidable competitor against current Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.), his son quickly shot down any speculation that his father, 67, would be willing to run.

"While Phil is humbled and honored that so many fellow Louisianans have confidence in him, he has no interest in running for public office," Alan told The Hill in an email. "He is interested in helping the electorate know more about the gospel of Christ, so they, in turn, can elect more godly men and women to serve and lead our great country."

According to a Democratic poll from Tuesday, Republican challenger Rep. Bill Cassidy (R-La.), lagged behind Landrieu by one percentage point. In contrast, Phil beat Landrieu by five points, garnering 46 percent of the votes to her 41 percent.

The poll also suggests that despite national controversy in December about comments Phil made with regard to homosexuality and race, for which A&E suspended him from his reality television show for over a week, have had little effect on how the Louisiana esteems the businessman.

While Cassidy's numbers were lower than Robertson's, many interpreted them as sign that the race was a dead heat.

"The Louisiana Senate is a sheer toss up now," Public Policy Polling President Dean Debnam said in a press release. "The difficulties with the launch of Obamacare seem to have really taken a toll on Mary Landrieu's standing."

Cassidy is running against current state representative Paul Hollis and retired Air Force Colonel Rob Maness. Some have speculated that former Louisiana politician and current Family Research Council President Tony Perkins may run.

Landrieu has been in office since 1997 and currently holds a 37 percent approval rating, a major drop from her August 2013 numbers that gave the senator a 46 percent approval score.

This is not the first time that a Robertson family member has been bandied about as a possible political contender.

Last summer, Alan told KNOE 8 that his brother was unlikely to run, but will keep the possibility open. "I don't think Willie will be running," he said, "but with him, you never know!"