Philadelphia Abduction Suspect, Carlos Figueroa-Fago, Arrested (VIDEO)

A suspect has been arrested in Philadelphia following the release of footage which shows a male attempting to abduct a young girl.

Police say that a male suspect, Carlos Figueroa-Fagot, turned himself in on Wednesday night after a $10,000 reward was put out for his arrest. The man was spotted in a surveillance video attempting to kidnap a 10 year old girl.

The unnamed victim was apparently walking home with her two year old brother when the suspect jumped out of a white car and began to follow them. Within moments the suspect grabbed the girl and placed a hand over her mouth, according to police. The girl then falls out of the man's arms prompting him to make a run for it.

Footage of the attempted kidnapping in Philadelphia was caught on tape, drawing widespread attention to the case and raising public outrage.

"This case demonstrates the power of getting information out," Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter told reporters.

Police Captain John Darby said that both the girl and her younger brother made an attempt to deter the suspect. The girl immediately began to struggle and the boy began to scream.

The boy "literally screams louder than anything he's ever heard before," Darby told reporters Thursday according to CNN.

Neighbors were unnerved before the suspect was captured and taken into custody.

"It's scary," neighbor Kathleen McDowell told KYW. "It's making people nervous, making people think that they can't bring their kids outside, you know, and let them play outside by themselves, and that's not right."

Figueroa-Fagot was charged with a "series of felony and misdemeanor charges, including attempted kidnapping, unlawful restraint, indecent assault and other counts, according to CNN.