Philadelphia Woman Sees Image of Jesus in Window Blinds

A southern Philadelphia woman got a surprising visitor on New Year’s Eve: Jesus.

On New Year’s Eve night, Patty Maiellano awoke to loud partying from neighbors who were ringing in the New Year.

“Fireworks, kids - you know how South Philly is on New Year’s Eve,” Maiellano told CBS Philly of the celebration.

 “As I was coming downstairs, I saw a figure on my vertical blinds, which were completely shut,” Maiellano told CBS.

The image in the window blinds appeared to be the silhouette of a man in a prayerful position. “That was Jesus that appeared on my verticals,” Maiellano said, according to CBS reports.

Maiellano immediately took pictures and showed them to her skeptical sister, who came over to see the shocking image.

 “When she saw Jesus on my verticals, she dropped to her knees,” Maiellano told CBS. “This is a complete miracle.”

The two women looked outside and saw no reflections or anything else that could have caused the image to appear, Maiellano told the news.

Neighbors have since been coming over to the woman’s house to pray, CBS reported.