Phillip Phillips Thinks First Single 'Home' is Too Pop

American Idol 2012 Winner Phillip Phillips said that his first hit single "Home" is "a little too pop" for the his taste in a Rolling Stone interview. When Phillips debuted the song on stage in the final face-off with Jessica Sanchez Tuesday night, "Home" became an instant hit.

Judges Jennifer Lopez, Randy Jackson, Steven Tyler, critics and fans felt the song was perfect for Phillips' laid-back demeanor and sound. The song is now the #1 single on iTunes.

With such positive response from the public, the only one who doesn't seem so enthusiastic about the song is Phillip Phillips himself.

"It's a little too pop for me. I don't put in any of those "ooohs." I'm a little more rock than that. Hopefully people will enjoy what I have to put out. Some jazz-rock stuff. But, it's a good song. Good writer," he said.

Phillips hopes to get his own songs out soon with a "jazz, rock and acoustic" sound. Comfortable in his own skin and style, he is not looking for mainstream success. He wants to be true to himself and make the music that he loves.


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