Phillip Phillips Undergoes Surgery, 'Ready to Start Jammin' (VIDEO)

"American Idol" winner Phillip Phillips underwent a very anticipated surgery this week in an attempt to resolve a kidney issue which nearly cost him victory.

Phillip Phillips postponed surgery a number of times before finally going under the knife to remove reportedly "massive" kidney stones, which had affected the Idol's performance. Nothing appeared sufficient enough to steal away the title that seemed destined to be his -- not even the voracious vocals of a young teenage girl.

Phillips has now undergone the necessary surgery and is now recovering well.

"Surgery went well, he's resting and will be ready for the Idol tour kick off in July!," Leslie Fradkin, a representative for Idol producers 19 Entertainment, told The Hollywood Reporter.

Even after the surgery, Phillips may not be in the clear, however. The "Idol" winner suffers from a congenital kidney condition, and had an alarming eight surgeries during the show just to prevent the buildup of the forming kidney stones.

For now Phillips himself attested to his good health and readiness to go on tour.

"Ready to start jammin with the band on tour!" Phillips tweeted on Tuesday.

Phillips girlfriend questioned if he was ready so soon after surgery, though.

"Oh for real??" Hannah Blackwell questioned back to his tweet.

Blackwell had previously opened up about Phillips and his condition on Twitter when a false surgery date had been reported on.

"Phillip's surgery is not tomorrow," tweeted Blackwell on the microblogging site. "He will be fine when it is scheduled and is excited for tour. Thanks for your concern and respect."

The Fox tour, which includes 45 scheduled tour dates, will begin July 6.