Piers Morgan Twitter Response to Deportation Threat Shows No Intent to Back Down

Piers Morgan has made a number of Twitter responses to the idea, and petition, that he should be deported after making comments over gun control. Morgan has issued various responses to the "threat," however, immigration attorney Mark Schifanelli has agreed saying it is extremely unlikely to happen.

"If America deports me, I'm thinking of anchoring my CNN show from Jamaica – got a spare room @henrygale @usainbolt?" Morgan tweeted after learning of the petition to have him deported from the country.

Morgan came under attack when, during a conversation on his show, he called Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America, an "unbelievably stupid man," adding, "you shame your country."

Kurt Nimmo took Morgan's words to heart and decided to form an online petition against someone he described as "engaged in a hostile attack against the U.S. Constitution by targeting the Second Amendment. We demand that Mr. Morgan be deported immediately for his effort to undermine the Bill of Rights and for exploiting his position as a national television host to stage attacks against the rights of American citizens," he wrote in the petition.

Morgan is not backing down, though, and is using his Twitter account to continually express his support for gun control.

"Wanting America to ban assault weapons & high capacity magazines isn't 'anti-constitutional,' it's called 'common sense.' Come on America, ENOUGH: Ban assault weapons; high-capacity magazines, and enforce background checks on 100% of gun sales. Do it now," Morgan has tweeted.

Yesterday saw the loss of two New York firefighters who were victims of a trap set by a former criminal. The man set fire to a car and home, and then waited for firefighters to respond before opening fire; four men were shot and two died. This only encouraged Morgan to continue his call for gun control.

"I don't care about petition to deport me. I do care about poor NY firefighters murdered/injured with an assault weapon today. Americans murdered with assault weapons in movie theaters, temples, schools, shopping malls – now, as they put out fires. Where does it end?" he asked.

Mark Schifanelli, an immigration attorney, has confirmed to ABC News that the odds of Morgan being deported are extremely unlikely.