Pig Saves Baby Goat From Drowning as Human Rebuked for Standing By Doing Nothing (Video)

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(Photo: Reuters/Jason Lee)A pig is pictured at a farm on the outskirts of Kunming, capital of southwest China's Yunnan province.

Nearly 2 million people have been left amazed at video footage as a pig saves a baby goat in a YouTube video that has gone viral.

The pig from a petting zoo has been called a "hero" as it performed a heroic act to save the baby goat as it was drowning in water.

The viral video has been called "Pig Rescues Baby Goat" and was uploaded on Wednesday to the video sharing site by user "jebdogrpm."

As of Saturday morning the video has gained 1.9 million views and animal lovers everywhere are praising the small pig.

The video shows the goat squealing in agony as it fights for its life to stay above water and not drown. The baby goat's foot had been caught under a rock under the water, and it is unable to free itself to escape.

As onlookers simply watch the goat struggling the small pig decides to take action and can be seen swimming out as fast as he can towards the baby goat. When the pig reaches the goat it nudges it gently towards the side to safety.

Many have commented at how the pig acts "super cool" as it comes out from the water acting as if nothing amazing has happened, and that his act seems to just be "part of the job."

Some who watched the video have been moved to tears, admitting in the comments below the video,"I think I just shed some manly tears."

Others have rebuked the people filming and watching the incident, asking why they did not do anything to help, instead just watching the goat struggling for life.

"The water looked about 3 feet deep, why was the guy filming instead of getting the goat out?" asked one commenter.

See a video of the pig saving the baby goat below: