Pimp-in-Chief: Promoting Sex to 10 Year-Old Girls

If you didn't think things could get worse under the Obama Administration, think again.

It appears we now have a Pimp-in-Chief, promoting through the Department of Health and Human Service's Office on Women's Health, a website, www.girlshealth.gov, which defines anal sex, mutual masturbation, gay sex, birth control, and emergency contraceptives to girls aged 10-16-as normal and healthy.

By clicking on the "Body" tab on the home page, and then clicking through a few more pages, girls learn that it's natural to be gay.

"If you're having feelings of romantic or physical attraction to other girls… it's natural as you develop to wonder about these feelings, and it may take time to figure out your sexual orientation," the site reads.

Furthermore, it warns, "If you are going to have sex with another girl, keep in mind that women who have sex with women are at risk for many of the same STIs (Sexually transmitted infections) as women who have sex with men. Also, if you are a lesbian, it's a good idea to talk to your doctor about protecting your overall health. Lesbians are more likely to have certain health problems, like obesity, smoking, and depression, so make sure you learn how to stay healthy and strong."

The "Body" tab also leads to a page about birth control options and a "What Doesn't Work to Prevent Pregnancy" Q and A. In one text bubble, the site question states that some girls think, "My boyfriend says he'll just pull his penis out before anything happens." The answer provided states, "The Truth: It takes a lot of self-control for a guy to pull out. Also, some sperm can come out before a man ejaculates ("comes")."

And this is just a fraction of the information on the site, and only under one tab.

To state the obvious, using taxpayer dollars to promote a certain version of sexuality, engaging in sex, presenting one version of sexual health, and suggesting abortion as an alternative to birth control, to young girls and tweens is an abuse of tax payer money. But the problem is greater than just dollars-- the Obama Administration is sexualizing girls by exposing them to sexual topics at such a young age.

The sexualization of girls, or inappropriately imposing sexuality upon girls, has been proven to have negative effects on girls' wellbeing. According to the American Psychological Association (APA), there are serious cognitive, emotional, mental, and physical health consequences that negatively impact girls.

The APA cites research that links sexualization with three of the most common health problems girls face: eating disorders, low self-esteem, and depression. Additionally, how girls conceptualize their sexuality can actually impair them from developing healthy sexuality as they mature. And negative effects that emerge during the tween years may lead to continued problems in adulthood, which negatively impact interpersonal and societal relationships.

The APA suggests that parents and caregivers are in the best position to combat sexualization of girls. But, who knew that parents would have to fight against their own government's propaganda to do so?

The APA also recommends that federal agencies develop programming that "may counteract damaging images of girlhood." Unfortunately, HHS didn't get their memo, or they just flat out ignored it.

Today girls are bombarded with sexualization in the media, from Hollywood, from their peers, from television, from books-- and now from their government, which provides "educational" materials to their schools and communities. Is it any wonder that so many girls have self-image problems?

Ironically, the very thing HHS has fought against-- religious organizations--provide the necessary support to girls through their tween years. Last year, psychologists at Knox College in Galesburg, Ill. conducted a series of tests to assess self-sexualization among girls between 6 and 9 years old. They found that a mother's religious belief emerged as an important factor affecting how their daughters saw themselves. Girls who were exposed to or consumed a lot of media but who had religious mothers were protected against self-sexualizing, because these moms "may be more likely to model higher body-esteem and communicate values such as modesty," the authors wrote. In fact, they argued that mothers and fathers, not the government or any social institution, were key factors in whether or not their daughters sexualized themselves.

Girls and tweens don't have to be sexualized today. Parents can help their daughters navigate an ever-increasing sexualizing world by instructing them about their faith and values and guarding them from negative influences, including the leader of their own government.

Bethany Blankley worked in politics for over ten years, on Capitol Hill for four U.S. Senators and one U.S. Congressman, and in New York for a former governor. She also previously taught at the New York School of the Bible and worked with several non-profits. She earned her masters degree in theology from The University of Edinburgh, Scotland, and her bachelors degree in politics from the University of Maryland. She is a political analyst for Fox News Radio, and she has appeared on television and radio programs nationwide. Follow her: @BethanyBlankley www.bethanyblankley.com