Pink Full Moon Thursday Isn't Actually Pink (VIDEO)

While April has promised a full "pink moon" which will be visibly on Thursday, scientists have warned that no hue of pink will be involved.

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(Photo: Reuters/Ognen Teofilovski)The moon is seen during the September or autumnal equinox at the Kokino megalithic observatory, in the northwestern town of Kumanovo, 70 km (43 miles) north from Skopje.

What is a full "pink moon?" Not pink, for starters. Every full moon in a lunar calendar is given a name. These names are typically based on what is going on in nature during the time that the full moon will appear. The "pink moon" is so called because in April one of the earliest widespread flowers of the spring, grass pink or wild phlox, makes its debut.

Similarly, May is known as the "full flower moon" because by this time flowers are abundant. But people don't seem to expect May's full moon to resemble a flower, so why do they expect a pink moon in April?

Thursday night's pink moon will also take place on the same night of the lunar eclipse. That fact however, will be meaningless to those living in North America who will not be able to witness the eclipse-taking place.

"While this month's full moon may not look pink, if you live in Europe, Africa or much of Asia, you will notice something a bit different about it, because it will take place on the night of a lunar eclipse," Joe Rao explained on "Unfortunately, in North America, none of this eclipse will be visible, since the actual instant of full moon occurs on Thursday afternoon (April 25), when the moon is below the horizon."

Some Internet users joked about the occurrence.

"I've seen a few pink moons in my childhood days, but it was always me looking in a mirror after being given a spanking by dad or mom," one user joked.