Pink Gloves Controversy: Breast Cancer Battle Sparks Protest and Pink Socks for Football

A pair of pink gloves has caused controversy in South Jersey after a young boy was told he would not be able to play football wearing the pink accessories. The 12 year old was attempting to don the pair of gloves in support of his mother, who is battling cancer.

Julian Connerton, 12, who is a football player for Egg Harbor City Crusaders, has the idea of wearing the pick gloves in honor of his mother, Mayra Cruz-Connerton, who has breast cancer.

However, his coach told him to take the pink gloves off, which sparked a protest by the young boy who immediately walked off the field.

Connerton has said, "I love my mom more than I love football," according to NBC News.

In protest against his coach's decision, the boy has said he would not take to the football field again until he receives an apology from his coach.

His mother has also come out in support of her son, telling NBC10: "My son deserves an apology. I deserve an apology. Women everywhere battling breast cancer deserve an apology."

However, there is a happy ending to the tale as on Tuesday night the young boy got what he was demanding, when Coach Burgan apologized to him. The coach said, "He did something 100 percent right. He stood up for his mother. That's what you want every kid to do."

Coach Burgan's explanation was that he had simply forgotten Connerton's mother's situation. He insists had he remembered that the young boy's mother was suffering from breast cancer there is no way he would have prohibited him from wearing the pink gloves.

Following the apology the young boy has now confirmed he will take to the field for the next match on Saturday. The team has now organized to all wear pink socks for the game in support of Connerton's mother and to raise breast cancer awareness.