Pippa Middleton Dating George Percy? Reports Doubted

The Pippa Middleton-George Percy drama continues, with the rich "Harry Potter" castle heir allegedly dating Britain's most socially mobile sister, according to reports.

As it turns out, those reports may have been exaggerated.

Pippa Middleton, the sister of British princess Kate Middleton, has been linked with George Percy, the heir to Duke of Northumberland, and a hefty $463 million (315 million pounds), according to The Sun. In addition, the 27-year-old's inheritance will include Alnwick Castle, which was used as Hogwarts in the "Harry Potter" films.

The reports of the pair resuming their previous relationship could be false, however, as a Royal family insider told Daily Mail that the rumors were "unfounded."

Official representatives declined to comment on either report. First reports of the budding romance seemed certain though.

Pippa, 28, allegedly restarted her relationship with Earl Percy, after dating banker Alex Louden, then breaking up with him last year, according to The Sun.

With the stress of another failed relationship, various news outlets suggested that the younger "Wisteria" sister had returned to be consoled by Percy.

"Pippa has always been close to [Percy]," a confidant told The Sun. "There is no doubt this was a huge issue for her ex-boyfriend Alex. After they parted, the first thing she did was spend a weekend on George's estate in Northumberland."

The unnamed source also claimed that the two lovebirds are public with their relationship.

"Now, they are out in the open," the source told The Sun.

Pippa and Percy attempted to quell the unceasing speculation surrounding their relationship last year when they said they were "just friends" according to reports.

Now, the questionable assertions that "the Middleton sisters will be completing the double (getting married) before too long," purported by The Sun are being challenged by outlets like Daily Mail.

"Cold water was poured on claims today that Pippa Middleton is in a serious romance with [George Percy]," reported the publication.