Pippa Middleton Engaged? Kate Middleton Could Be A Bridesmaid

Is Pippa Middleton about to make the leap from maid of honor to bride? A new report claims that Middleton is engaged to longtime boyfriend Nico Jackson and plans to wed in the spring.

"She couldn't be more sure that Nico is the right man for her," a friend told the Mirror. "They are such a good fit for each other and their families get on really well.
Pippa loved seeing Kate go down the aisle and now it is her turn for a fairytale wedding."

Middleton, ever the dutiful sister, reportedly did not want to announce her engagement until enough time had passed for Prince George and his parents to be in the spotlight. She is expected to make the formal announcement after her 30th birthday on Friday.

The pair has been dating for more than six months, and now Middleton is busy designing her own wedding ring and planning a reception at the home of her parents, Carole and Michael, at the family home in Bucklebury. The Middleton family has been busy with the arrival of Prince George, and Carole recently moved to Anglesey with sister Kate in order to help care for the infant.

Now the spotlight will shift to the younger Middleton sister, as many believe it did on Kate's wedding day. Pippa's maid-of-honor dress caused quite a stir and helped launch her into the celebrity realm. Since then, the world has been captivated by her style and whom she is seeing.

Jackson is a successful stockbroker, and the two have a great deal in common, including a mutual love of tennis. They have been photographed at several events, including Wimbledon. Middleton recently started writing for "Vanity Fair," and her first column was dedicated to the sport.

The question on most people's minds is whether Kate will serve as a bridesmaid or maid of honor for her little sister, given her royal status and popularity.

"Everyone knows how close the sisters are, but at this stage the final arrangements are a long way off," the source explained. "Pippa's wedding will be a huge occasion, but if Kate is bridesmaid it will be even more high-profile."