Pippa Middleton Partying After Break From Spotlight?

Pippa Middleton was recently spotted parting at the launch of 2&8 club at Morton's in London on Thursday night, after staying out of the spotlight for several months.

Middleton, who is the younger sister of Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, appeared to be in good spirits as she danced with friends until early Friday morning.

"Pippa was with a group of female friends but knew half of the people at the event. She was the belle of the ball, everybody wanted to speak with her," a source reportedly told US Weekly Magazine.

"Once they moved in to the main club she took seat at a table and had a glass of Moet," the source went on. "She was on her best behavior."

The 29-year-old party planner has remained low key since April after being caught up in a fake gun incident in Paris, and more recently she has been out of the spotlight since Kate, 30, was embroiled in a nude photo scandal which shocked the public.

"She spent most of the evening catching up with old friends," the source explained.

Middleton has become a global phenomenon since captivating audiences who watched the Royal wedding of Kate and Prince William, 30, in April 2011. Her white, figure-hugging Alexander McQueen dress, which she wore to the Royal wedding as Kate's maid of honor, helped spark and maintain the widespread fascination of the public, with many creating Facebook pages in her honor.

The intense media scrutiny has not all been positive for Middleton, who became the subject of a police investigation after being photographed in the passenger seat of an Audi convertible during the infamous gun incident. The driver reportedly pointed what appeared to be a semi automatic pistol at a photographer which sparked the police probe, according to the New York Post.

Middleton was eventually cleared of any wrong doing, and the gun turned out to be a toy. However, Middleton has chosen to spend far less time being in the public eye ever since.