'Pippi Longstocking' Arrest: Tami Erin Charged With Assaulting Male Roommate (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/NostalgiaVision Screen Shot)'Pippi Longstocking' actress Tami Erin has been arrested. She is shown here in the 1988 film "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking."

Pippi Longstocking actress, Tami Erin, has been arrested for assaulting her roommate on Thursday, according to reports.

Erin, who gained fame playing the title character in the 1988 film "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking," has hit the headlines for all the wrong reasons 25 years after she rose to fame.

According to a report by celebrity news website TMZ, Erin was placed under citizen's arrest by a neighbor on Thursday after she had gotten into a huge argument with a male roommate.

The neighbor reportedly heard a loud argument taking place, and when the male roommate started crying out for help the neighbor rushed to the rescue and made the citizen's arrest on Erin.

Police were called to attend the scene and they took Erin into custody on suspicion of the assault. The 38 year old has now been charged with assault and was released on Friday morning.

According to TMZ, the assaulted roommate suffered no visible signs of injuries from the attack, and the DA's office is now reviewing the case to see how it should move forward.

Erin gained fame after winning the role of much-loved character Pippi Longstocking when she was just 11 years old.

There was reportedly fierce competition to gain the role, and Erin beat out more than 8,000 other young actresses to gain the part.

However, despite her rise to fame through that role, she struggled in her acting career after that, and she has had little success since then.

Some fans may recognize Erin from most recently appearing on a 2010 special on the "Tim and Eric's Awesome Christmas Special" program.

In a recent interview Erin looked back at the iconic role she was given in the 80s. She explained how she felt at winning the role: "It was really phenomenal! … It was like getting on a rocket ship and shooting into the sky! And I haven't gotten off the rocket ship, yet!" according to the Inquisitr.

On entering the world of show biz she added: "This was something that I always knew I was meant to do … It was destiny for me. The way that doors kept opening for me, When I finally became a movie star, on some level it was like, 'Exactly! Finally, I'm here!' I wanted to be a movie star. A real movie star. My dream came true!"

Here is a video of the trailer for 1988 movie "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking":