Pit Bull Saves Woman: Dog Alerts Owner to Raging Fire in New York (VIDEO)

A pit bull has saved a woman from a fire in her home in New York on Friday, barking to alert her as the flames began to spread from the front to the back of the house. Jackie Bonasera said she was drying her hair in an upstairs bathroom of the home in East Norwich, N.Y., on Long Island, when she heard the dog barking. She ran downstairs and saw the flames on the side of her garage.

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(Photo: YouTube ScreenShot)A pit bull has saved a woman from this blaze at a house in New York.

She was able to escape the house, and ran outside just as neighbors came rushing over.

Bonasera has explained, "I ran out of the house and my neighbors came running over, and then I thought about the dog — I'm like, 'He saved my life, I have to save his'."

The woman then rushed back into the burning house to return the favor to her dog.

"So I just put my robe over my face and I ran back in and I grabbed the dog and then I stood out here and I watched my house burn," she said.

The woman has now admitted that she believes she would have been trapped by the fire upstairs if the dog had not alerted her to the danger, allowing her to make her exit just before the fire got even more intense and consumed the house.

Bonasera's daughter, Alexus Stallworth, has said that the dog, Cain, has now been declared "the town hero."

She added, "He's a pit bull, too. They have such bad reps, but he's such a good boy."

The fire quickly became huge once Bonasera got out the house, and it eventually took 70 firefighters to work together to stop the fire.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined but authorities do not believe anything suspicious has taken place, and they are treating the fire right now as a terrible accident.

The homeowner is also reportedly a contractor who has been helping many others fix up their homes in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. He now, however, will shift his focus on fixing up his own property before the winter comes back around.

Here is a video news report into the fire: