Pizza Hut 'Embarrassed' After Health Officials Shut Down Store Where Manager Was Caught Peeing in Sink (Video)

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/LatestNowNews)A district manager of a Pizza Hut store in Kermit, W.Va., is caught peeing in the sink where utensils are washed.

Pizza Hut officials said Wednesday that they were "embarrassed" after Health Officials shut down one of their stores in Kermit, W.Va., because a district manager was caught on video peeing in the same sink in which the store utensils are washed.

"First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual," said Pizza Hut in a statement Wednesday. "Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved."

The pizza franchise explained that the incident took place during non-business hours and did not affect any of the food it prepares.

"We follow strict safety and handling procedures and the restaurant has since been closed. We apologize to our customers of Kermit, West Virginia, and those in our system who have been let down by this situation," the statement noted.

A YouTube video of the incident has since gone viral and some customers have complained about it on Pizza Hut's Facebook page.

"Just got finished watching the manager of Pizza Hut peeing into the sink on our local news station. There are a lot of people upset with what happened and vowing to never eat at Pizza Hut again. Pizza Hut was the only place that we ordered from, but it looks like change is good. Sorry Pizza Hut, but we are moving on," wrote Rick Buisson.

"I just saw the video of a district manager here in my area that urinated in the sinks. That's disgusting! Do you people even hire qualified, responsible individuals? Let's just say you lost a customer!" said Sammy Jo.

Pizza Hut customer Amy Sparks also shared her concerns about health and safety code violations at the West Virginia restaurant location.

"Just over a year ago my family and I ate at this restaurant. In just over a week my two kids were in the hospital with rotavirus. Safe assumption is they probably got it from eating at this contaminated, unhygienic restaurant. You can bet we will never dine at any ever again," she said.

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