'Plain Jane Bandit' Robs 7 Banks in Under 3 Weeks: $10,000 Reward Offered

The "Plain Jane Bandit," a Hispanic woman aged 35 to 40, is believed to be the culprit in seven bank robberies in under three weeks. The thief's crime spree began July 12, and her last robbery occurred Monday in Downey, Calif.

The "Plain Jane Bandit," noted for her seemingly ordinary appearance, held up a Bank of America on Paramount Boulevard in Southern California Monday. The theft was the latest in a string of crimes that attracted the attention of the FBI.

The Hispanic woman began robbing banks July 12, followed by another July 19. After laying low for several days, she began again, hitting four banks in a 24-hour period. So far, she has held up two locations in Moreno Valley, one in Wildomar, another in Santa Fe Springs, one in Whitter, and another in Buena Park.

The "Plain Jane Bandit" has a fairly simple model for her heists: she uses written and verbal demands, and tells the teller that her accomplice is waiting for her outside the bank. Authorities haven't ruled out the possibility of a partner-in-crime, but one has never been seen.

Witnesses have described the thief as a Hispanic woman aged 35 to 40, weighing anywhere from 150 to 170 pounds, and with a height between 5 feet, 3 inches and 5 feet, 5 inches. She also has a scar in the vicinity of her right eye, and a tattoo on her right shoulder. The suspect's nickname came from one witness of an earlier robbery calling her a "plain Jane."

While officials have not made the amount of money she's stolen public knowledge, they did reveal that she may be driving a silver 4-door car with a sunroof.

Anyone who comes forward with information leading to the thief's arrest and conviction could be rewarded $10,000 by the U.S. Bank.

The FBI can be reached at (310) 477-6565 to report the "Plain Jane Bandit."