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'Planet Coaster' Spring Update 1.2 Brings New Roller Coasters, Rides and More Contents for Free

'Planet Coaster' Spring Update 1.2 Brings New Roller Coasters, Rides and More Contents for Free

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Spring means a lot of things. But for the gaming world, it usually means new game contents and major updates just like the one Frontier Developments has released for "Planet Coaster." At absolutely no cost, players can start building new rides and roller coasters. 

"Planet Coaster" is a simulation video game that lets players build and manage their own amusement parks, mainly through the construction of roller coasters and other types of rides.

Developers announced the Spring Update 1.2 through the game's official community forum site earlier this week. The patch notes include a long list of tweaks and fixes but the highlights are the new roller coasters and new rides.

New Coasters

Frontier Developments has added three new roller coasters, namely the Bakasura, Steel Hydra, and Trident.

The Bakasura is described as an "inverted shuttle coaster built with 2 large towers." These towers come with custom dimensions that provide in-game guests the thrill of getting on the train that is being lifted and dropped from both ends of the towers. The Bakasura comes with two new special cobra rolls, Steep Cobra Roll Left and Steep Cobra Roll Right plus an animated station.

Meanwhile, developers explained that the Steel Hydra is a "swinging, suspended, family coaster that has a unique flow and elegance as it travels round the track."

The third new roller coaster, Trident, comes with a classic design complete with a 45-degree hill elevation. It also comes with new features similar to that of the Bakasura's but minus the animated station.

New Rides

As for the new rides, Frontier Developments has added the new Go-Kart track rides. Players should note that every Go-Kart has its distinct attitude when in play so they have to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of every Go-Kart.

Go-Kart tracks are described to have "wide and narrow sections." Players should expect to go on a parade after winning each race along with opponents who finished close.

Developers have added several other rides such as Big Wheel, which has 20 gondolas and can accommodate up to 120 guests per run; the Elixir Machine, which is described as "one of the most nauseating and brutal flat rides in the game"; and the light, vintage ZoZo that will give guests a unique nostalgic vibe.


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