Planned Parenthood: Using Our Money to Oppose Our Freedom

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On June 12, North Dakotans will have the opportunity to freely decide the fate of that state's Religious Liberty Freedom Amendment…unless, of course, Planned Parenthood dumps another half a million dollars into state coffers from places as distant as California and New York, to confuse voters in what will or won't be the status of religious liberty in North Dakota.

To date, Planned Parenthood has donated more than $505,000 in opposition to the N.D. RFA.
Which begs the question: Why is America's number one abortion provider so opposed to an amendment that simply protects our most fundamental liberty?

Of course, this comes as no surprise to those who've watched Planned Parenthood do the same thing in other elections where religious freedom was at stake. But it is more than troublesome to see them spending our money to curtail our religious freedom, especially since a large portion of the money they're spending was taken from us to begin with.

Here's how it works: The Obama administration takes money from American taxpayers through taxes and then passes a portion of that money to Planned Parenthood which, in turn, funds their business (which includes causing the deaths of hundreds of thousands of preborn children each year). And Planned Parenthood also donates a portion of those funds to groups opposing causes like religious freedoms.

How many dollars does the federal government give to Planned Parenthood annually? For the fiscal year 2009-2010, it gave the abortion mammoth nearly $500,000,000.00.

Of course, Planned Parenthood will say that aren't using taxpayer dollars to fund campaigns against religious freedom, but think about it. They get half a billion dollars of taxpayer funds to fund their operations which, at the very least, frees up other funds to be funneled into campaigns and other causes opposed by the American people. And does anyone really think Planned Parenthood would be shelling out so much money to silence people of faith if it weren't for the half a billion dollars the feds give them annually?

Knowing these things, it's easier to understand why the N.D. RFA is currently ground zero in the battle over religious freedom: for it protects "the right to act or refuse to act in a manner motivated by a sincerely held religious belief." In other words, it protects the very freedoms of conscience and of religion which the Obama administration and Planned Parenthood are accustomed to trampling at will.

And the N.D. RFA is nothing new. Similar measures have been passed by 24 other states. It is a straightforward defense of the religious liberties of the citizens of North Dakota.

If such a defense has motivated Planned Parenthood to give nearly half a million dollars in opposition, the people of North Dakota must be doing something right.

Douglas H. Napier serves as Senior Vice-President-Legal with the Alliance Defense Fund at its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, where he leads a litigation team of approximately 40 attorneys and legal support staff at offices in District of Columbia, Arizona, Kansas, California, Georgia, and Tennessee.