Planting Churches for the Wrong Reasons

 Church planting has become the "coolest" trend in church work in recent decades, according to Bill Hybels, pastor of Willow Creek Community Church, who says that alone should not be a reason to plant a church.

"One terrible reason to plant a church is because it's the trendiest, hippest, coolest thing going on in church work today. I have seen a share of young, energized leaders who felt peer pressure to demonstrate their love for God by getting their board shorts, and surfing the church plating wave only to wash up three years later, bloodied and disillusioned by the whole experience," said Hybels.

Hybles, who spoke at the Exponential East Conference in Orlando, Fla., on Thursday, addressed the crowd of thousands pf people who are current church leaders and some who hope to become church planters. His message was upfront and frank as he delved into four reasons why individuals should and should not plant churches.

He noted that when church planters experience short-term motivation the entire church suffers along with them, and oftentimes, the planters are "done with church and God for good."