Plaxico Burress $59,000 Taxes Could Land Him in Jail

Plaxico Burress has had a mountain of trouble, and it seems as if those troubles are getting worse. News that Burress owes the Internal Revenue Service $59,000 in back taxes has finally broken.

He was once the top receiver for the New York Giants and earned a 6-year, $25-million contract. Unfortunately, Burress fell into trouble with the law after shooting himself in the thigh with a concealed weapon in 2008. He finally confessed to his teammates and was charged with carrying a concealed weapon. Burress served time for his crime and is now a free agent.

Burress has had a hard time finding a new team to sign with, given his checkered past. The gun incident had a severe impact on his reputation and career. Before the gun incident, Burress had been suspended and fined $117,500 for violating team rules, and the following month was fined $45,000 by the NFL for abusing an official.

It's obvious that he has come from behind before, but will it be possible for the unsigned player to find a new team and pay back the bills? Burress thought he would have a home by now.

"No doubt about it," he told ESPN. "With some of the things I was able to do after being away for two years, I pretty much thought it spoke for itself, but I guess obviously not."

"For anybody to say I was a problem in the locker room or anything like that is a total lie," Burress added. "All I did was come out, was a great teammate, tried to play the best football that I could play."

Yet if Burress doesn't find a new team soon, he could find himself in prison until he can finally pay. The IRS also has the right to garnish any future earnings until he meets their requirements and fully pays back the $59,000.