Playboy Model Comes to Fox Show Father Albert

Former Roman Catholic Priest, Father Alberto Cuti, is hosting a new talk show on Fox called Father Albert, attracting guests such as Playboy model Donna Spangler.

Spangler appeared on the show to discuss relationships with rich men according to a recent press release from Newswire. She wrote "How to Get A Rich Man", a book touching on the subject of dating wealthy men, along with appearing in TV and film projects.

Cuti whose new show premiered July 11th, plans to address these kinds of issues on his show, and help other guests with their personal problems at the same time.

“I think I’m able to kind of tell them, you know what, you’ll be able to get over this,” said Cuti to the Daily News. “That’s when I pull out that card and say I’ve been able to overcome and you will overcome it too.”

Cuti once hosted a hispanic radio talk show with a similar theme while serving in the Roman Catholic Church. “The dilemmas and problems are exactly the same,” said Cuti about the guest on his new show. “There are also a lot of new issues with people posting things on the internet and betrayals because of Facebook.”

Cuti left the Roman Catholic Church in 2009 after falling in love with a woman and breaking his celibacy vow. He then went on to serve as a priest in the Episcopal Church where he still works today.

“Everytime I’ve been in an interview or had any kind of intervention, I’ve always done it with my uniform on,” said Cuti. “The uniform identifies my profession and what I do.”

And although Cutie is not ashamed of the job, he claims this new talk show is not about religion.

Cutie currently serves at the Church of the Resurrection in Biscayne Park, Florida, where he is the head priest.