PlayStation 4 More Powerful than the Next Xbox?

A slew of new rumors points to the Sony’s PlayStation 4 being a more powerful console than Microsoft’s next Xbox.

Video game magazine PSM3 noted the information it received on the PS4 came from its anonymous sources. The magazine stated that the PS4’s technical specifications are looking "more powerful" than Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox console.

No specific details on Sony’s next console were revealed, but an improvement in graphical quality and motion controls are expected. No official release date has been announced thus far, though.

The PlayStation 4, alongside the next Xbox, will reportedly be seen for the first time at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Nintendo is also planning to re-debut its Wii U console to gamers.

As for the next Xbox specs, video game magazine Xbox World reported that the console will ship sometime in 2013. The publication also stated that it will feature a PowerPC-based processor from IBM and the next Kinect at the time of launch.

Video games website Gamespot posted up some details on the next Xbox and its final design. "There are strong signs suggesting that, like with Nintendo's Wii U, a tablet component figures heavily into the new design," the website stated.

"Speculation as to the form it will take has been rife for the past few months, with some even suggesting that the core of the new platform will be akin to a tablet PC that wirelessly connects to a base station, which in turn plugs into your TV. If this is the case, a premium Xbox Next setup could feasibly include a base station, a tablet, a conventional controller of some kind, and the recently discussed high-def evolution of the Kinect."

The next Xbox and its rumored tablet integration may introduce revolutionary possibilities. Motion controls with the included tablet may introduce new ways of playing.

The future of video game consoles is heating up with the next advancements from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo. This year’s E3 should present all three consoles’ attractive features and specifications.