PlayStation 4 Problems, How to Fix Blinking Red and Blue Light

Youtube/fileThe PlayStation 4 could have a few glitches, but there are ways to solve them at home

Every new game console experiences problems every now and then, and the PlayStation 4 is no exception to this. The PS4 is Sony's fastest-selling gaming console to date, but many users have complained of certain issues affecting their new next-gen systems.

A spokesperson from Sony has confirmed that some issues about the PS4 have been called in. The company has reassured consumers that they are "closely monitoring" the additional reports, and that they believe that the bugs are "isolated incidents."

Here are some common problems which one may encounter with the PS4 and ways to fix them:

Blinking blue indicator light:

When properly booting up, the LED indicator light should quickly pulse to blue before the light turns white. If the deep blue pulses continue, this could mean that the console failed to send a signal to the TV. Before taking the console to an official Sony retail shop, one could check the HDMI ports for any abnormalities or damage, check the power supply, and inspect the hard drive to make sure that it is properly seated in the HDD bay.

Blinking red indicator light

This could be a result of overheating, as the red blinking light is an indication of a possible fan malfunction. If this happens to the console, it is advisable to turn it off by pressing the power button for about seven seconds until the system beeps and powers off. Let the console rest for about an hour or more. It is also recommended to place the PS4 in a well-ventilated area to lessen the chance of overheating. Avoid placing the console on a carpeted or similar surface whenever possible.

Discs auto ejects or not at all

Try to place the console vertically. Some reports claim that the issue happens when the PS4 is resting horizontally. If the problem continually occurs, it may be a hardware issue and should be replaced.

If any problems persist, contact SONY through their website or call 1(800) 345-SONY.