PlayStation 4 Release Date Set for 2013, Ubisoft Confirms Game Development

The PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 release dates could be in 2013, as Ubisoft has confirmed that it is already developing games for both consoles.

The company issued a press release yesterday that included its latest financial report and also indicated that Ubisoft is already working on games for Sony and Microsoft's next-generation gaming systems.

"From a longer-term perspective, WiiU's progression and the arrival of the next generation of consoles, combined with the strong momentum in the Free-to-Play model for PC, mobile and tablet games, will enable us to capitalize on the investments we have made in recent years," said Yves Guillemot, the chief executive officer of Ubisoft.

"These developments will cement Ubisoft's positioning as a creator of successful brands with a growing expertise in new online models and services," he continued.

And included in these new developments will most likely be a sequel to the company's Assassin's Creed series that is expected to bring Ubisoft much of its success this year.

There have been so many rumors surfacing this year pertaining to both the Xbox 720, and PlayStation 4 gaming consoles. Even those names are subject to change as both Sony and Microsoft have not confirmed them yet.

One rumor even suggested that Sony will be renaming its console "Orbis," dropping the famous "PlayStation" title it has used since its original gaming console that was released in 1995.

The Xbox 720 is sure to have sequels for hit Microsoft exclusives such as "Halo" and "Gears of War" as PS4 will have have sequels to exclusives such as "Uncharted."

Both consoles are rumored to be eliminating physical copies of games, as most titles will be accessed through direct download.

Nintendo's next-generation console, the Wii U will launch on Nov. 18 and will feature HD gaming and a tablet controller.