PlayStation 5, Xbox 2 Release Date Rumors: Consoles Rumored to Release in 5 Years

PlayStation 4
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The gaming industry has largely contributed to the economic status of the world as gamers and fans continue to purchase not only games but consoles that will further enhance their gaming experience.

One of the most common consoles is Sony's PlayStation. For the past years, the company has released a new version of the PlayStation every seven years. While the PlayStation 4 has only been unveiled 2 years ago, rumors about the upcoming version are already hot on forums and gaming sites.

Rumor has it that the fifth PlayStation will likely be released sometime in 2020. This is because there is not much word yet as to the number of games that Sony has acquired for the console's release.

While it has been speculated a few months back that Sony is already working on the fifth PlayStation, there are not too many details about its specs. On the other hand, some of the rumors suggest that it will most likely feature virtual reality, which will make it the most powerful version just yet.

Another console that has been hot when the topic about gaming is mentioned is the Xbox Two. Rumors suggest that Microsoft will release the second version of the Xbox either in 2019 or by the same time Sony releases its PS5.

This only means that the two companies will probably put gamers in a tight spot once the consoles are unveiled with powerful specs and so much more to offer than the previous versions.

The Xbox Two is rumored to totally erase the use of discs, but the PS5 is already said to do the same. The debates are going on regarding the console possibly supporting 4K resolution and virtual reality.

It should be noted that a lot of potential buyers look forward to the capabilities that a console will offer, as well as the exclusive titles that come with the launch so gamers will most likely purchase one that offers a good price tag, much-awaited titles, and notable specs.

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