PlayStation Vita Bundle on Amazon Includes The Walking Dead, Memory Card, and More for $175

There is a new PS Vita bundle that will be available this holiday season on Amazon for $175, featuring a number of solid titles from the PlayStation catalogue.

According to Polygon, the bundle includes the Vita, a 4GB memory card, a charger, and game vouchers to download Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Retro City Rampage, and The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season Game.

The bundle normally retails for $217, and The Walking Dead bundle is usually $250 alone. See the bundle listing here.

Last week Sony officially confirmed a PS4 and PS Vita 'Ultimate Bundle' will be coming to Europe for under £500.

However, what Sony has failed to do is blow anyone away with the bundle, which as of now stands at the customer only saving £10, according to Polygon. The PS4 is retailing for £349 in the U.K. while the Vita is around £150.

"We're working with our retail partners to put across that proposition as well as we can," Sony U.K. boss Fergal Gara said to Eurogamer. "It'll come to market in a few different shapes and guises. You may walk in and get a great deal on 'buy a Vita when bought with' type deal. So if you buy a PS4 you can get a Vita for X. And others will say, well here's the Ultimate Bundle and you get all those bits in it."

"But as a base price point, in other words for the two consoles, we expect the gamer to be able to pick that up for under £500. It's not a hard bundle pack at this point in time. It's us working with the retailer to effectively deliver a soft bundle," he continued.

Earlier this week a advertisement for the bundle surfaced on MCV. The ad shows both the console and handheld in the Sony packaging, and also reveals that it will come with a Vita memory card. The bundle will appear in time for Christmas. See the picture here.