PlayStation Vita Slim Bundle Now Available in North America; Comes with Borderlands 2 and 8GB Memory Cards

(PHOTO: Creative Commons)Sony PS Vita handheld console.

The PlayStation Vita Slim model is now available in North America for $200 after previously releasing in Japan and Europe.

The Vita is part of a special bundle that comes with Borderlands 2 and an 8GB memory card. According to Game Spot, the Slim Vita is 20 percent smaller and 15 percent lighter that the original model. The edges are also rounded instead of pointy, making for a more comfortable experience. Furthermore, it has 1GB of memory already built in, more battery life, as well as an LCD screen, replacing the OLED.

The PS Vita Slim will be compatible with PS4's Remote Play, which according to Sony, has been used for a total of 1.7 million hours of gameplay.

Sony also announced they are working on launching over 100 games this year, including a 1,000 currently out now. That total includes PS One and PSP classics.

Recently, PS4's 1.70 update came with update 3.15 for the PS Vita and PS App, and these improvements have boosted features on the devices.

Features such as auto device registration, PS4 remote play, and PS App push notifications have been updated reported Polygon. Now the PS4 and PS Vita will be able to link better for remote play by automatically connecting the two through sensors.

According to Polygon, PS App 1.70 adds iPad resolution and push notifications for the PlayStation 4.

Another feature of the update is now users can pre-download pre-ordered games a few days before their release. Gamers can also broadcast in 720p HD through HDMI capture, and upload to Twitch or UStream.