Plumb Talks Overcoming Anxiety Attacks Through Faith; Using Music to Clear Up Misconceptions About God

Acclaimed singer-songwriter Plumb recently opened up about how her past struggles with anxiety attacks inspired her to write new music.

(PHOTO) Plumb.netAcclaimed Christian singer Plumb

The Christian singer, whose "Need You Now" album earned her four Dove Award nominations this year, was just a teenager when she began suffering from anxiety attacks. She was able to use her faith to overcome her struggles and she spoke exclusively with The Christian Post about how these challenges would later inspire her "Need You Now (How Many Times)" single, which is described as being a "message of hope."

"I struggled with anxiety attacks since I was 13 and they would manifest through really paralyzing, lower abdominal cramping [and] stomach aches. I would be hiding in [my high school] bathroom just literally praying to God for help and that was really my only source of hope or peace or strength," she told CP. "Just knowing that I wasn't alone and that He was with me and that He loved me."

Plumb, otherwise known as Tiffany Arbuckle Lee, received rave reviews following the release of her sixth studio album earlier this year. "Need You Now," the album's lead single, debuted at #1 on various Billboard music charts.

The song sold over 250,000 copies and was nominated for Song Of The Year at the 44th Dove Awards - held on October 15. Plumb explained why "Need You Now" is such a powerful song.

"Each time as I made it through [one anxiety attack], the next one would occur [and] I just remember thinking you know what... we all need God but sometimes we feel like we need him right now more than ever," she explained.

"In those moments I didn't feel like going in secret to pray quietly, I felt like screaming at the top of my lungs 'help, help me!' I feel like this song is prayer that gives you permission to scream at the top of your lungs," she said, adding that the song can relate to anyone "whether they relate to anxiety attacks or just that desperate need for God in that moment."

Today Plumb, a 38-year-old married mother-of-three, is enjoying the success of her latest album and in coming weeks she will wrap up her first ever headline tour in Fort Worth, TX. The fall 2013 tour is supported by Josh Wilson and Mikeschair.

"I Love it!" Plumb said. "I've never headlined a tour before so to feel anticipated as opposed to [unknown]... that's humbling and exciting. When you headline you have that confidence that the crowd has come to hear you, it's been great!"

Plumb's "Need You Now" album, originally titled "Faster Than A Bullet," was renamed in 2012 ahead of it's 2013 release out of respect for victims of the tragic Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting.

The singer, who is widely praised for her pensive lyrics and angelic voice, revealed why she remains dedicated to spreading the word of God through music.

"I think music, hope and love are pretty universal. It doesn't matter what your culture, ethnicity, background or religious beliefs are... everyone needs hope and love. No one is immune from needing that," she said. "I just think [when] songs are relevant [they] can [help] people to feel both of those things [hope and love]."

Plumb also touched on her hopes of clearing up misconceptions about faith and God through her songs. She expressed gratitude in being able to use her talents to spread love and hope.

"It's not about me. It's about me being faithful to the gift I've been given to share hope and love [for] a God I believe loves unconditionally," she explained.

"A lot of people feel judged by him and feel condemned by him because a lot of people have misrepresented really beautiful things," she continued. "I'd rather be one of the ones that are hopefully giving a better message and picture of who [God] really is."

In addition to performing, writing new music and motherhood, Plumb is currently involved with Metro World Child, a Christian non-profit organization that is dedicated to helping under-privileged young people from around the world.

Metro World Child (MWC) creates initiatives that are "designed to break destructive cycles and give children the hope they need to create a new path for their lives," the website states. Through initiatives such as Sunday School services and child sponsorships, MWC reaches an estimated 100,000 inner-city children and their families weekly in New York and around the world.

"I believe wholeheartedly in [Metro World Child]... it's about giving kids hope," Plumb said.

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